• Nicole Marcus

2 Suspects Involved in a Home Invasion Arrested.

Last week, CAP's Control Room received a call from a staff member working at a property in Gresswold. This employee saw intruders force entry into the residence. CAP's tactical officers swift response resulted in the successful arrest of two of the criminals. Upon arrival a chase ensued between CAP officers and the suspects who were attempting to flee the scene. One suspect jumped into a neighbouring property where he was apprehended, while another suspect was chased and apprehended a distance away. Unfortunately the remaining suspect managed to escape. A number of stolen items, as well as the pick axe used to break-in to the property, were recovered. We would like to commend CAP's tactical officer's for their skill and bravery, as well as the vigilant staff member for taking fast action by calling CAP. Well done to all involved! That's two more criminals off our streets.

Pictured: The recovered pick axe.

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