• Nicole Marcus

CAP Legal Success: 2 violent criminals sentenced to life imprisonment.

CAP's Legal Team, together with the SAPS Investigating Officer and the NPA saw the closing of a critical case involving two violent criminals in the Palm Ridge High Court today. In January 2013, a Home Invasion occurred in which a member of our community tragically lost his life following a shootout with suspects in his home in Senderwood. Two suspects were killed in the shootout and the remaining two managed to flee the scene.

CAP and SAPS worked tirelessly for several months after the incident to track down the fleeing suspects and were successful in effecting their arrest in a joint operation in June 2013. The Case Today the trial court provided much needed closure on the incident by finding both suspects guilty of the following:

  • Three counts of murder

  • House breaking with intent to rob

  • Attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances

In addition, one of the accused was further found guilty of unlicensed possession of a firearm as well as unlicensed possession of ammunition. Sentencing of both the accused was finalized on Friday, with the following results:

Each suspect will serve a sentence of life imprisonment. CAP would like to commend all involved for their dedication and commitment to putting these violent criminals behind bars. A special mention and thanks to the task team from CAP as well as the SAPS Investigating Officer whose tireless efforts were able to ensure the suspects were brought to justice. On behalf of our community, CAP would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family for their loss. We hope the outcome of this case brings some level of closure to the family.

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