• Nicole Marcus

CAP Children Safety Education

CAP held a safety presentation at Shaarei Torah Primary School on Wednesday 25 November. Both the boy’s and girl’s schools were shown the GAP Tactical Vehicle with all its special security equipment. A CAP Tactical Commander demonstrated how the radio is used to give and receive information whilst on patrol and communicate with the CAP control room. The children learnt about being pro-active, calling strangers in the neighbourhood in to CAP and memorizing the CAP number, 0861 227 227, (0861 CAP CAP).

CAP are committed to building safer streets, this year alone from January to September CAP’s Legal department oversaw the convictions of 15 violent criminals, 13 of whom will spend more than 10 years in prison. From Jan to September 2015, CAP effected the arrests of 295 criminals. That’s over two hundred criminals off our streets. Dedicated to building a better, safer future for our children.

Glenhazel Active Patrol (GAP) launched 9 years ago, bringing crime in the area down by a staggering 80- 90%, GAP has been the blueprint area for CAP’s expansion into 20 other areas in Johannesburg.

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