• Nicole Marcus

CAP is working towards safer Joburg streets as wanted criminal is caught and convicted.

CAP's case against two wanted criminals saw its conclusion on Monday. In February 2013, CAP's ICCC, working together with SAPS, affected the arrest of two criminals who were involved in multiple violent crimes around Johannesburg.

Upon arrest, the suspects were found in possession of a hijacked vehicle, stolen car keys, stolen goods, live ammunition and an illegal firearm. Although the suspects are linked to various crimes, to secure convictions, CAP's legal team used evidence from three hijackings and armed robberies that took place in Linden, Blairegowrie and Edenvale.

During the trial one of the suspects fell ill and died. The surviving suspect will serve a prison sentence of 20 years.

CAP and SAPS collaborative efforts have resulted in the removal of one more criminal from our streets. We would like to commend the Johannesburg prosecutor of the NPA and CAP’s legal team for ensuring that the suspect's crimes have not gone unpunished. CAP's ICCC and CAP's Legal department, work together with the South African Police to eradicate criminal elements in our city. Thank you to all who were involved.

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