• Nicole Marcus

CAP Legal Report

On the 20th of January 2014 a hijacking occurred at a Shopping Centre within a CAP area. A suspect pulled a woman out of her vehicle and attempted to drive away in it. Construction workers who witnessed the crime alerted the Centre Security who in turn blocked off all the exits. CAP were called immediately. Fortunately, CAP's Tactical Units were patrolling nearby and were able to respond within seconds. The suspect, unable to leave the centre in the stolen vehicle abandoned it and attempted to escape on foot. CAP tactical officers gave chase and apprehended the suspect outside a nearby school. The suspect was later arrested by SAPS. As a result of a succesful collaboration between the SAPS investigating officer, the Prosecutor of the NPA and CAP the suspect has been convicted to 12 years in prison.The suspect has also been declared unfit to possess a firearm. That’s another criminal off our streets! Thank you to CAP’s legal department for following cases through the court system to ensure that criminals feel the full force of the law. Well done to all involved.

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