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YC Kids Write Letters to CAP Officers

As part of their Acts of Kindness programme, (Elul Chesed Programme) The Grade 4 classes at Yeshiva College Primary School wrote letters to the GAP Tactical Officers, thanking them for keeping them safe.

A GAP Tactical Officer and CAP Marketing and Communications member collected the heartfelt letters in a moving presentation.

The CAP team re-iterated to the children that CAP is an army and all the families in the GAP community together with the tactical officers are the soldiers. CAP relies on the community to report suspicious activity and irregular persons or vehicles in their neighbourhood to help us pro-actively fight crime.

An informative and educational afternoon was enjoyed by all. The GAP tactical officer answered the children’s questions and told them about remaining aware of their surroundings and keeping safe.

CAP would like to thank this special group of children age 9-10 for their words of gratitude and kindness.

*The first area that CAP launched in 9 years ago was GAP, GAP stands for Glenhazel Active Patrol.

Some extracts from the children’s letters:

“Dear GAP, thank you for always taking care of us, whenever our alarm has gone off you have been there in a flash. “ -Aurah

“Thank you for protecting me and my family and risking your life everyday just for me.” –Benjamin

“Thank you for putting away the bad people in this world.” – Deena

“Your bravery and hard-work shows how much you care for the community.” – Jake

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