• Nicole Marcus

3 Suspects Arrested, Firearms and Suspect Motor Vehicle Recovered.

The arrest of three criminals yesterday afternoon, was the result of seamless team work between CAP's control room, a quick-thinking resident and CAP's tactical units. Three suspects involved in an armed robbery in Haswell Street, Oaklands Orchards fled the crime scene in their vehicle. A calm resident who witnessed the crime followed the suspects at safe distance, in his vehicle. The resident called the CAP control room who were able to dispatch tactical units within minutes to find the suspect vehicle. A chase ensued between the suspects and the tactical vehicle which resulted in the suspects abandoning their vehicle and fleeing on foot. CAP's tactical officers chased the suspects on foot when the suspects fled into a shopping centre. CAP's officers successfully apprehend each of the suspects in the centre. The suspects were later arrested by SAPS. The suspects' vehicle and the suspects' firearms, one of which was a toy gun and the other a pistol were recovered. That's 3 more criminals off our streets. Well done to all involved in this success. If you see a crime in progress always remain a safe distance away so that you are able to take defensive action and call CAP 0861 227 227. Well done to the brave resident whose calm and collected actions helped CAP catch these criminals.

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