• Nicole Marcus

CAP assist SAPS in a successful operation.

After receiving credible information concerning the next hit of a group of suspects carrying out armed robberies, SAPS special task unit put together an operation to catch the criminals. Together with CAP's operational division and security personnel from an established courier company, SAPS were able to intercept an armed robbery in the early morning of Tuesday 1 September. Six armed males held up a delivery truck loaded with electronics in the parking grounds of a shopping mall. SAPS were able to cut off the suspect vehicle as it was attempting to make its getaway from the crime scene. Subsequently, a shootout ensued fatally wounding two of the suspects and injuring another two. The remaining 2 suspects were arrested. Multiple firearms were recovered along with the stolen goods. That's another 6 criminals off our streets. CAP would like to congratulate the special task unit of SAPS and all who were involved on this outstanding arrest. Together, CAP and SAPS successfully fight crime.

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