• Nicole Marcus

CAP Kids Saftey Education

CAP held a safety presentation at the Greenside Mina Lapoto Nursery School on Friday 4 September. The children learnt about 'stranger danger' and calling CAP if you see strangers nearby or if you have a security emergency. The excitement at the school was palpable as the kids were treated to a CAP puppet show. After the show a CAP Tactical Officer showed the children his tactical 'truck'. The children were fascinated by the radio in the vehicle that links the officer to the CAP control room. They learnt about how the officers receive instructions over the radio from the control room so that they can 'catch bad guys and robbers fast'. The children also got to learn about some of the important tools and equipment that a tactical officer keeps in his vehicle.

An interactive, educational morning was enjoyed by all.

By instilling safety awareness from a young age, CAP is once again building a safer community.

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