• Nicole Marcus

CAP Proactive Action Leads to Arrest

2 Suspects Arrested, 1 Firearm Recovered!

During a routine patrol CAP's Tactical Officers caught sight of 2 perpetrators attempting to hijack a metered taxi. The Officers immediately sprung into action and caught the 2 criminals dead in their tracks! As the attempted hijacking took place on Corlett Drive, a very busy and popular traveling route, CAP Officers were cautious in their method of engaging the suspects so as to protect those in the Public Space, strategically cornering them leaving no room for escape. Upon arrest a firearm was recovered. Well done to CAP's Officers on yet another crime fighting success! What is Proactive Action? Proactive Actions are the daily active measures that CAP takes as part of our commitment to building a safer community. Some of the pro-active services that CAP's Tactical Officers are trained to do include: actively identifying suspicious activity (this includes persons and vehicles that are irregular or do not belong in the environment), gates that have been left open and escorts for people arriving or leaving their property. In the past month, CAP officers pro-actively escorted over 1 200 residents to or from their properties and identified over 4 600 suspicious vehicles, objects and persons and gates left open. That's over 5 800 pro-active actions across CAP areas.

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