• Nicole Marcus

CAP's astounding response time leads to the arrest of 3 criminals.

In the early hours of the morning, four suspects, armed with knives gained access to a property in Savoy Waverly CAP (SWAP), by derailing the gate. The suspects hid in the premises and held up the homeowner as he was leaving the property. The homeowner's calm demeanour delayed the suspects from entering the home. The homeowner's spouse heard the commotion from inside the home and immediately pressed the panic button and called CAP. Due to this swift action CAP were able to respond within 40 seconds. On arrival, CAP Tactical Officers managed to apprehend one suspect on the property. The remaining three suspects fled on foot and a chase ensued. Two of the suspects were subsequently apprehended by Tactical Officers ina neighbouring street and later arrested by SAPS. Unfortunately the fourth suspect managed to escape with some valuables. One weapon and the rest of the family's valuables were recovered. Due to the quick, calm and collected actions of the homeowners and CAP's record response time that's three more criminals off our streets. Well done to all involved.

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