• Nicole Marcus

Final Statement- Riverclub Incident Friday 24 July 2015


On Friday 24 July 2015 in Riverclub, Sandton, a tragic and most unfortunate incident occurred that regrettably led to the shooting of Deja, a beloved pet member of the Dover family, and the injuring of Bernard, a CAP Tactical Officer.

In this regard, CAP and the Dover Family would like to issue the following joint statement:

  • Both parties retract all previous statements made and wish to put forward this joint statement on record.

  • CAP is sincerely apologetic for the shooting of Deja and the pain this has caused the Dover Family. CAP understands that Deja was acting protectively against a perceived threat to the Dover Family.

  • The Dover Family understand that the actions leading up to the incident by CAP Tactical Officers were initiated as a result of concern for the well-being of the family and as part of their duties.

  • The Dover Family acknowledge that Bernard’s injuries needed medical attention and were more severe than originally envisaged. Bernard has sent a written apology for the loss of Deja, which the Dover Family accept and in return express their wishes for his speedy recovery.

  • Whilst the Dover Family has chosen to no longer be members of CAP, they unconditionally do not support any boycott of CAP. The Dover Family also request that all defamatory statements and calls to boycott CAP cease immediately.

  • Prior to the incident, CAP began the process of establishing its own K9 Unit. In order to honour the loving memory of Deja, CAP will have a silhouette of Deja as a logo on all our K9 unit uniforms.

  • CAP, Bernard and the Dover Family agree that there will be no legal action whatsoever arising out of this tragic incident.

  • The Dover Family recognises and is satisfied with the policies and procedures that CAP has in place in order to prevent a similar situation from occurring.

  • CAP and the Dover Family have agreed to resolve this matter privately and as a result choose not to comment on this matter further in the public domain.

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