• Nicole Marcus

CAP Cracks Down On Crime Syndicate

Due to a number of violent crimes in the suburbs of Northern Johannesburg, CAP's ICCC (Incident Command and Control Centre) identified a particular criminal group behind these hijackings and armed robberies.

Following a communication sent out to the community across all CAP areas to be on the lookout for 3 armed suspects driving Red Citi Golf with a damaged bumper and bonnet, CAP's control room received a call from a community member reporting the suspect motor vehicle at large in the streets of Sydenham. The tactical vehicle that was dispatched caught sight of the Red Citi Golf and requested back-up. With back-up units deployed CAP's tactical officers managed to block the suspect vehicle.

The suspects were apprehended by the CAP tactical officers and later arrested by SAPS. The suspect's vehicle and firearm were recovered as well as stolen property.

CAP would like to thank the Savoy resident for the call that led to the arrest of this violent group. Although the resident would like to remain anonymous she did provide us with a statement, "I saw the suspicious vehicle and I remembered the SMS sent out with its exact description so I called CAP immediately. I would like to thank CAP for the fantastic work that you do and for catching these criminals."

Well done to CAP's ICCC, CAP's tactical officers and to the CAP community member whose call led to the eradication of a crime syndicate.

If you notice any two or more unknown males on foot or in a vehicle, be sure to contact CAP to let us know 0861 227 227.

Help CAP build a safer community.

Call It In.

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