• Nicole Marcus

CAP Is Taking Criminals Off Our Streets

Following the arrest of 3 suspects involved in a Home Invasion in Highlands North on Wednesday 29 July, CAP announced a further crime-fighting success yesterday 30 July, with the arrest of two suspects in Strathavon. When the call came in to CAP's ICCC (Incident Command and Control Centre) that three suspects were seen by a Strathavon resident attempting to break in to the property, CAP's ICCC acted swiftly and efficiently. Tactical vehicles were dispatched to the scene and on arrival CAP's officers spotted the three suspects, one of whom was armed with a screw driver. The CAP officers gave chase and successfully apprehended two of the suspects who were later arrested by SAPS. Unfortunately the other suspect managed to escape. That's 5 criminals arrested in 1 week! We would like to thank the authorities for working together with us to successfully fight crime. Well done to CAP's Tactical officers for their skill and bravery. CAP is committed to building a crime-free suburb.

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