• Nicole Marcus

Official CAP Statement Riverclub Incident 24 July 2015

Late on Friday evening, 24 July 2015, two CAP tactical officers noticed a gate open at a client’s address. The officers said they rang the bell, concerned there could have been a break in and a women came out the house. The officers then said they assisted her in trying to close the gate but the gate would not close. According to the officers, they were approached by four big dogs. The dogs believed to be Pitbull terriers then attacked one of the tactical officers. The officer said he did his best to call off the dogs. He said he believed he had exhausted all possible options to stop the attack, including several desperate pleas to the homeowner to stop the dogs from attacking him. As a last resort, he discharged his firearm in an attempt to save his life. Unfortunately one of the dogs was hit and later died. The officer was hospitalised and he is being treated for his multiple puncture wounds and lacerations. He is currently undergoing medical procedures. We extend our sympathy to the owners of the dog. We also wish a speedy recovery and strength to the tactical officer and his family, who together with all CAP tactical officers, put their lives on the line daily to ensure a safer community for us all. CAP will be appointing an independent third party to investigate and verify all of the facts leading up to, and surrounding, the incident.

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