• Nicole Marcus

CAP Successful Crime-Fighting.

Last night, CAP’s ICCC (Incident Command and Control Centre) and Tactical officers were briefed to be on the lookout for a Black Volkswagen Golf 6 that was involved in an Armed Robbery in Bruma earlier in the day. During yesterday’s night shift, CAP officers in Norwood actively identified the suspect motor vehicle with 3 suspects driving around the area. The suspects noticed the CAP tactical vehicle and drove off at high speed, which later resulted in an accident with another vehicle. CAP Officers arrived on scene of the accident where they noticed the suspects fleeing on foot. CAP Officers gave chase and successfully apprehended one suspect, who was later arrested by the Johannesburg Flying Squad. Unfortunately the other two suspects managed to escape. CAP was successfully able to stop criminals on the run, who were in all likelihood on route to committing crimes in the Norwood area. Using a highly effective crime-fighting system, CAP’s tactical officers were able to identify, chase and stop the suspect motor vehicle. House breaking implements and multiple fake number plates were recovered from the suspect motor vehicle and seized by police.

CAP would like to commend its officers as well as SAPS officials for their skill and bravery.

Well done to all involved!

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