• Nicole Marcus

2 Criminals Arrested, 5 Firearms Recovered in CAP Success!


Following an Armed Robbery Driveway in Oaklands, CAP Officers were alerted by a panic activation by a resident in Melrose who was involved in an attempted contact crime. CAP's Control Room advised our officers to lookout for a White BMW that was involved in both incidents. CAP's Service Provider, 7 Arrows Management, identified the vehicle whilst on their way to the address of the panic activation. 7 Arrows management immediately rerouted and gave chase of the White BMW occupied by a possible 4 suspects. Critical information was provided via radio which allowed CAP's Tactical net to close in on the suspects. A chase ensued onto the M1 Highway through the streets of Alexandra. Upon approaching a Police Road Block, 2 of the suspects fled on foot and were arrested by CAP and SAPS officers. The White BMW continued to evade officers that were in pursuit and was abandoned nearby. Unfortunately the remaining suspects were able to escape. In total 2 suspects have been apprehended and the following items were recovered; 5 firearms, police reflective vests and blue lights. Well done to all involved!

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