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3 Criminals Get 29 Years


Case 1

In March 2014, a home invasion occurred in Eagle Crescent on Houghton drive. Armed suspects entered the premises and held the victims up. CAP Tactical units and police were informed and arrived at the scene. The suspects fled the premises and a shootout ensued between the suspects, the police and CAP officers. One suspect was apprehended and found in possession of valuables and a firearm. CAP’s legal department followed the case to its close in which the suspect was sentenced to 14 years in prison, and declared unfit to possess a firearm.

Case 2

In January 2014, police traced a stolen phone from a house robbery where a vehicle was also stolen. Two suspects were arrested at the home in Mamelodi where the phone was tracked to. The suspects were charged with house robbery with aggravating circumstances and theft of a motor vehicle. Suspect 1 has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and declared unfit to possess a firearm. CAP’s ICCC legal team tracked this case to ensure that justice was served.

Case 3

In May 2015 a burglary occurred in Terminal Crescent, Glenhazel where valuables up to the value of R60 000 were stolen. Camera footage from the house showed domestic worker collecting various valuables together before the robbery. The suspect admitted to the crime, pleading guilty to all charges. The court therefore found the accused guilty and sentenced her to 3 years in prison, followed by deportation to Zimbabwe once the sentence has been complete.

CAP’s Legal Team were involved in the oversight of these cases that resulted in 3 criminals getting prison sentences.

We would like to specifically acknowledge the efforts of the respective Investigating Officers of the South African Police Service and the Prosecutors of the National Prosecuting Authority who together with CAP's Legal Team ensured that those responsible for criminal activity in our community saw the full force of the law.


Well done to all involved!

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