• Nicole Marcus


Yesterday 7 June 2015, four males, three of whom were armed, carried out a Home Invasion in Bryanston Riverclub. This incident occurred outside of CAP's operational boarders. Luckily, CAP's Tactical Officers were patrolling nearby so when the call came to CAP's control room from a member of the Bryanston Riverclub community, CAP officers were on scene within minutes. On arrival CAP’s officers were briefed by SAPS, who had already arrested 2 suspects, regarding the remaining suspects still at large. CAP’s tactical officers identified one of the suspects fleeing and apprehended him immediately. SAPS proceeded to formally arrest the suspect and recover an abandoned firearm from a neighbouring home where one of the suspects had disposed of it.

Well done to SAPS, CAP and all involved on a successful crime-fighting collaboration.

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