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Case 1

In 2011, one armed suspect hijacked and kidnapped a resident of Glenhazel whilst in his driveway. During the incident a second suspect entered the vehicle, assaulted the victim and stole his valuables. CAP’s highly-skilled Tactical Officers identified a vehicle driving erratically whilst patrolling and immediately gave chase. The suspects lost control and crashed the vehicle during the chase. The two suspects exited the vehicle and proceeded to flee on foot. The driver was apprehended by CAP’s Tactical Officers, unfortunately the other suspect got away. After 4 years of overseeing this case, CAP's Legal Team is thrilled to announce that on the 21st of May, the suspect was convicted to 25 years in prison. The suspect was found guilty of all charges against him including hijacking. kidnapping, reckless and negligent driving, possession of stolen property.

Case 2

In 2013, two armed suspects were involved in a number of home invasions in multiple areas across Johannesburg. Post one of the incidents, CAP’s Tactical Officers were able to apprehend the two suspects who were found in possession of various house breaking implements. CAP’s Legal Teams involvement in this case resulted in a successful conviction. On the 19th of May the two suspects both received sentences of 15 years. Each suspect was found guilty on charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances. The suspects have been positively linked to other violent crimes and the legal proceedings against them are still underway. We are confident that the full hand of the law will be dealt in securing additional convictions to the other cases these suspects are linked to.

Case 3

In 2013, 1 suspect was involved in 2 separate hijackings that took place in Savoy. In the first hijacking the stolen vehicle was abandoned shortly after the incident took place. After the abandonment of the 1st vehicle, the suspect proceeded to hijack a 2nd vehicle. The suspect forced the victim to drive and hid on the back seat floor. Given that the suspect could not see the driver whilst on the floor, the driver managed to successfully flag down a CAP Tactical vehicle whilst patrolling. The CAP Officer’s pulled the vehicle over for questioning. Upon inspection the officers noticed the suspect and apprehended him immediately. CAP’s Legal Team were involved in the oversight of this case and on the 21st of May the suspect was convicted to 20 years.

We would like to specifically acknowledge the efforts of the respective Investigating Officers of the South African Police Service and the Prosecutors of the National Prosecuting Authority who together with CAP's Legal Team ensured that those responsible for endangering our community saw the full force of the law. Well done to all involved!

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