• Nicole Marcus

5 Suspects Off Our Streets in Two Separate Incidents

A home invasion occurred in a complex in Sandown. SAPS responded to scene and the 2 suspects believed to be involved in the home invasion fled. A shootout ensued between the Police and the suspects. CAP tactical officers were driving down Grayston Drive toward Wynberg when they heard gunshots and saw the Police chasing the suspects. CAP officers then exited their vehicle and proceeded to assist in chasing the suspects. One suspect was apprehended in a neighbouring complex and the second suspect fled. A CAP officer then identified a blood trail which led into another complex. SAPS and CAP tracked the suspect and a second shootout ensued. The second suspect was subsequently fatally wounded. Stolen goods, 2 firearms and cash were recovered. In a separate incident, 3 criminals were arrested by CAP tactical officers in Kew after being caught trespassing. 3 toy guns were recovered as well. Well done to CAP and SAPS! That's five criminals taken off of our streets! Building a safer community together.

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