• Nicole Marcus

CAP Disrupts Incident and Arrest One Suspect

One suspect was apprehended and one shot gun recovered after CAP tactical officers chased a Suspect Motor Vehicle from Norwood Mall to Grayston Off Ramp. CAP's control room received a report of four armed males entering the Norwood Mall on 6th Avenue. CAP tactical officers were dispatched to the scene where they came across 2 suspect motor vehicles matching the description given, a Blue Polo and a Silver Ford. The suspects immediately began to flee. The vehicles split and a chase of the Polo ensued. The officers chased the vehicle onto the M1 highway until the suspect motor vehicle exited off Grayston Off ramp and crashed into a civilian motor vehicle. The suspects ran out of the vehicle. One suspect was apprehended by CAP officers and the second suspect managed to flee. One shotgun was recovered in the vehicle. Well done to our officers for their quick response and bravery in disrupting an incident and apprehending a criminal. *Please note, earlier reports stated 2 suspects were arrested. It has since be confirmed that only one suspect was arrested.

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