• Nicole Marcus

Well done to Linden SAPS and the ICCC on another successful joint operation

On Tuesday night, 30th September 2014, the ICCC received information that a vehicle had been spotted that was believed to have been hijacked. The ICCC immediately went to the Police, where it was confirmed that the vehicle was indeed hijacked. The vehicle was watched for 2 days to try and determine who the hijackers were and where they could be found.

The suspects were finally identified and the ICCC along with Linden SAPS decided to take action. Last night, 1 October 2014 at 00:30, they made their way into the one suspect’s home where he was found with the keys to the hijacked vehicle. Another address was visited and a second suspect was found, with the keys to a second hijacked vehicle. A final address was visited where one more suspect was arrested.

Both hijacked vehicles were recovered and 3 suspects are now in custody. CAP’s Legal Team will be keeping a close eye on the case ensuring bail is denied and that the correct legal proceedings, such as conducting ID parades with the victims, are followed.

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