• Nicole Marcus

CAP Proactive Action Prevents Contact Crime

A GAP Tactical Unit was proactively patrolling the Raedene area when they came across a highly suspicious BMW 1 Series with 4 male occupants. The Tactical Unit began following the vehicle in order to push them out of the area. As soon as they noticed CAP, the suspect motor vehicle (SMV) began driving recklessly, driving into on coming traffic and jumping red robots. The vehicle gave chase but unfortunately the Tactical Unit lost the vehicle on George Avenue. They put out a lookout to all CAP vehicles of the suspicious vehicle.

Sandringham SAPS spotted the vehicle as well and also started to chase them. A shootout ensued between the suspects and SAPS. SAPS identified that the vehicle had blue lights, there were 2 R5 rifles and possibly an AK47 inside the vehicle. Unfortunately, the suspects managed to escape. However, due to our officers proactive and diligent work, a potentially severe incident was prevented.

Well done to Sandringham SAPS and our Tac Officers.

Just another way we're building a safer community together!

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