• Nicole Marcus

Sunday Fun Day Run Day

The weather could not have been more perfect on Sunday 7 September. It was a weekend of sunshine and clear skies, while the smell of Spring filled the air. The Emmarentia Greenside community gathered in the early hours of the morning at the Pirates Sports Club for the launch of Emmarentia Greenside CAP Run Club. This “Sunday Fun Day Run Day” welcomed people of all fitness levels, from athletes to couch potatoes: everyone joined in.

Dogs, prams, walkers and runners all gathered together, ready to hit the streets. Free CAP Run Club T-shirts were given out with unique CAP slogans written on the back, such as; “Running is Free”, “We’re not Running from Nobody”, “Running with Friends” and “I’m Not Sweating I’m Glowing”.

The route ran along the Emmarentia Dam wall, through the botanical gardens and back to Pirates Sports Club. Our participants felt alive and rejuvenated, as the breeze coming off the water livened their spirits and helped keep them going.

The Emmarentia Greenside CAP Run Club is taking place every Sunday morning at 8:00 am. The group will meet at the Pirates Sports Club in Greenside. CAP welcomes all residents of Emmarentia Greenside and surrounding areas to join in the fun, get their endorphines pumping and run our streets together!

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