• Nicole Marcus

One Suspect Shot and Arrested when Tac Officers Interrupt Home Invasion

A Home Invasion in Melrose was interrupted last night when CAP tactical officers managed to intercept the suspects as they were fleeing the scene. Word got out of a Home Invasion in progress when the victim, who was on the phone at the time, managed to inform someone of the incident. The person on the phone managed to reach someone nearby, who then alerted our CAP tactical officers, who were patrolling the streets. When they arrived at the home, the suspects came out into the driveway to investigate and a shootout ensued between the officers and the suspects. One suspect was shot and managed to escape, but was later found hiding in the garden of a property close by. The ICCC was mobilised to help co-ordinate the search and assist in keeping the scene under control.The suspect is now in custody. A firearm was also recovered in the morning. Well done to our brave ICCC and officers!

Remember to report any 2 or more unknown males on foot or in a vehicle to CAP 086 18 000 18

Just another way we're building a safer community together!

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