• Nicole Marcus

Four Suspects Caught in the Act in Yet Another Successful CAP-SAPS Joint operation

Early Friday morning, 13 June 2014, CAP's ICCC was informed by Parkview SAPS that they had received information on a planned Business Robbery in Parktown North. CAP's ICCC team readied themselves for another operation and made their way to the target address. In partnership with the Police, CAP's ICCC team took up surveillance at an address across the road from where they believed, the incident would shortly take place. As anticipated, one suspect motor vehicle arrived at the address and made their way into the business. The driver remained outside in the vehicle. After several minutes, SAPS and CAP's ICCC team knew it was time to strike. They made their way into the property where they apprehended four suspects. Following up on this arrest, SAPS managed to gain information from the suspects about the buyers of the stolen goods. A follow-up operation was put together in an attempt to arrest and/or acquire further information on the proceedings and suspects post incident. In another under-cover op, SAPS and the ICCC managed to tail the potential buyers, intercept them and hold them. Due to lack of evidence, no arrests were made, however detailed information on the suspects was attained. Once again, we'd like to congratulate Parkview SAPS and the ICCC on their outstanding work in removing another four suspects off our streets. Just another way we're building a safer community together!

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