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Emmarentia Greenside Domestic Training Success!

The first CAP domestic training in Emmarentia Greenside was held during April. Almost 200 domestic workers, gardeners and security guards attended the training sessions, where they were taught what to do in an emergency, and how to react when they see or hear unusual activity in the area.

“The turnout was amazing”, explained Gila Klatzkin, CAP’s spokesperson and lecturer for the sessions. “Talking to this group of people was very inspiring, they were so enthusiastic and excited to participate, to learn how they can protect themselves, and to see how we all play our role in protecting the community.”

The idea of the training is to reinforce CAP’s values; that CAP is here to protect everyone in the community, even if one only works in the environment. A fundamental aspect to the CAP solution is community involvement, and the training sessions exist to strengthen this facet of our solution, and encourage all community members to call CAP if at any time they feel uncomfortable or see or hear anything unusual.

“Domestic workers, gardeners and security guards are key to eradicating crime in our areas. They are the people that walk the streets, they know the neighbours and understand when something is out of place,” explains Klatzkin.

All attendees were given lanyards with the CAP emergency number and “please call me” number. They were also given a list of safety tips written in Zulu, Sotho and English, ensuring everyone understands the correct safety precautions.

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