• Nicole Marcus

SAPS and CAP Do It Again – Another suspect off our streets!

Yet another success for SAPS and CAP in the latest joint operation last night, 18th March 2014.

Through SAPS and CAP’s collaboration and sharing of information, a common known suspect was discovered between them. After exchanging all information, SAPS and CAP conducted an 8 hour long operation and successfully arrested the suspect, thought to be linked to hijackings and home invasions throughout Johannesburg.

Four unlicensed firearms, ammunition and suspected stolen goods; watches, electrical equipment, and clothing were recovered.

It is believed that this suspect is linked to in excess of 6 known incidents, and possibly further incidents which occurred in CAP areas. CAP’s Incident Command and Control Centre (ICCC) will be working closely with SAPS in this regard.

CAP’s legal department will continue monitoring this case going forward.

Just another way we are building a safer community together.


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