• Nicole Marcus

Extensive investigations have led to the arrest of three criminals operating in CAP and other areas

After intense investigations into several criminal elements operating throughout Johannesburg, CAP in conjunction with SAPS, was able to launch an operation last night in an attempt to arrest suspects and find evidence to convict them.

Throughout the night, various locations were visited. Three suspects were arrested in separate locations, two of whom are suspected of being involved in two unrelated Home Invasions in CAP areas. The remaining suspect, who was previously released on bail, may be linked to a notorious group known to have been active in CAP areas. This was discovered after his arrest through linkages identified by the SAPS and CAP’s Analytics Department. Information on two other suspects, who are currently serving time for other matters, was also collected. This information may link them to further cases hopefully increasing their jail time. Stolen goods, which will be used in court as evidence against the three arrested suspects, were also found.

All three suspects remain in custody. CAP’s legal department will be following their cases closely including attending the first court hearing, which is a bail application, to oppose bail.


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