Parktown North
Reporting Period: 9 May - 15 May

PNCAP (2).jpg

Non-Contact Crimes



Date & Time: 10 May 00h00 - 07h00

Location: Jan Smuts Avenue

Details: An unknown number of suspects gained entry to the property by jumping over the palisade fence, further gained entry through an open space in the business as they renovating, stole various valuables and left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes



Date & Time: 11 May 08h00

Location: 9th Avenue

Details: One male arrived on foot, approached the property, stole the outside light and left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes

Attempted Snatch n Grab


Date & Time: 15 May 19h08

Location: 7th Avenue corner 4th Avenue

Details: Four males arrived in a white Toyota Corolla whereby one suspect debussed and attempted to snatch the victim’s cell phone. The victim and suspect had a fight and the suspects left in the suspect vehicle in the direction of Parkhurst.

CAP Client: No