Reporting period: 2 November - 8 November

Contact Crime

Home Invasion


Date & Time: 06 November 12h55

Location: Wells Avenue 

Details: Two males, confirmed to have been on foot, confirmed to have been wearing Blue Overalls with yellow strips on the ankles and arms, gained entry into the property through a slightly open gate and grabbed the victims' granddaughter by her arm and forced her into the main house. Suspects had demanded various valuables and told the victims to “Be Quiet” and further left on foot possibly along Wells Avenue

CAP Client: No


Non-Contact Crimes

Vehicle Theft


Date & Time: 04 November 11h29

Location: Wantage Road 

Details: An unknown number of suspect/s, proceeded to steal the victims' vehicle, a silver Ford ranger. The suspect/s then left in the victims' vehicle in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No

Vehicle Theft


Date & Time: 08 November 07h30

Location: Bolton Road 

Details: An unknown number of suspects stole the victims White Toyota Fortuner along with an iPhone 8, bank and access cards as the victim had parked his car at the above location and then proceeded to go for a run.

CAP Client: No



Date & Time: 08 November 12h00

Location: Rutland Road 

Details: Three males arrived in a White BMW X3. The suspects gained access to the property in an unknown manner and stole various items. The suspects further left towards Oxford road in the suspect vehicle.

CAP Client: No

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