Reporting period: 4 October - 10 October


Contact Crimes

Armed Robbery Public


Date & Time: 09 October 17h29

Location: 10th Avenue corner Carisbrook Street

Details: Two males, both armed with knives, approached the victim as she was waiting on the corner and pointed their weapons at her. The victim started screaming for help, the suspects shouted at her and demanded her cell phone whereby the victim gave her cell phone and the suspects left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No

Attempted Contact Crime


Date & Time: 10 October 02h20

Location: Roslin Street corner 9th Avenue

Details: One male armed with a knife, arrived on foot, approached the victim on the street and demanded a phone. The victim managed to throw her phone into another property and started screaming, community members noticed and started helping the victim. Tactical Officers arrived on scene and apprehended the suspect. The SAPS arrested the suspect and took him to Norwood police station for questioning.

CAP Client: No


Non-Contact Crimes

Attempted Theft


Date & Time: 04 October 15h44

Location: Roslin Street

Details: Two males arrived on foot, proceeded to attempt to steal two wall lights but were unsuccessful as the victim interrupted them and the suspects left on foot towards Hathorn Avenue.

CAP Client: Yes

Tampering of Physical Security


Date & Time: 05 October 00h00

Location: Armadale Street

Details: An unknown number of suspects cut a strand of the client’s electric fence and further left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes

Theft From Motor Vehicle


Date & Time: 08 October 22h00

Location: Sneddon Street

Details: An unknown number of suspects gained entry into the property by jumping over the perimeter wall and further gained access into the victim’s white Nissan X-Trail. The suspects stole various electronics from the vehicle and further left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No



Date & Time: 10 October 11h30

Location: Avondale Street

Details: One male gained entry into the premises. The victim caught the suspect sleeping in the back garden room and informed Tactical Officers that it’s been the third time his caught the suspect. The victim did not want to open a case and the suspect was escorted out of the premises.

CAP Client: No