Reporting Period: 15 February - 21 February

Non-Contact Crimes

Hijacking (Aggravated: Kidnapping)


Date & Time: 20h04

Location: 491 Louis Botha Avenue Savoy Estate

Details: Two African males, one confirmed to be armed with a firearm, arrived in an unknown manner and approached the victim as he had just driven into the parking area. One of the suspects forced the one victim out the vehicle, told him to lie on the ground, and pistol whipped him. The suspect then demanded the valuables before pushing the victim into his vehicle. The other suspect was holding up the second victim in the vehicle and took her valuables. The suspects then took the victims in their vehicle, a marroon VW Polo, JG60RNGP and dropped them off along Louis Botha. The suspects then left in the victims vehicle towards the Alexandra area.

CAP Client: No



Date & Time: 18 February 18h55

Location: 541 Louis Botha Avenue Savoy Estate (TRS Cars)

Details: Three African males, confirmed to be armed with firearms, arrived on foot and gained entry into the business through the main entrance. The suspects then proceeded to hijack the victim as he had just entered the delearship. The suspects pointed the a firearm at the victim and further took a white Audi A4 TFSI, FGY358L and left towards Corlett Drive.

CAP Client: Yes



Date & Time: 14h20

Location: Louis Botha Avenue Corner Corlett Drive Bramley

Details: One African male, driving a silver BMW 3 Series, arrived and parked in the KFCs parking lot. The suspect and victim met there to exchange the item being sold for the money which they did before the suspect left in an unconfirmed direction. Upon checking properly the victim found that he had been sold a fake cellphone.

CAP Client: No

Theft (Lights)


Date & Time: 17 February 10h40

Location: 46 Knox Street Waverley

Details: An unknown number of suspects, with an unknown description, arrived in an unknown direction and approached the premises. The suspects proceeded to remove four wall lights before leaving in an unknown direction and manner.

CAP Client: Yes



Date & Time: 17 February 20h11

Location: 27 Grenville Avenue Savoy Estate

Details: An unknown number of suspects, unconfirmed if armed arrived in an unknown manner, proceeded to gain access into the property in an unknown manner and further got into the clients garage in an unknown manner, the suspect further stole various valuables and left in an unknown manner in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes

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