Reporting Period: 27 July - 2 August

Non-Contact Crimes




Date & Time: 29 July 23h15

Location: Kent Avenue 

Details: One male approached the property, further took the gate motor and left on Kent Avenue. The client called the Command Centre and informed us that the gate motor was taken. Tactical officers managed to locate the suspect along Kent Avenue and was apprehended. The SAPs arrived on scene, arrested the suspect and took him to Sandringham police station.

CAP Client: Yes

Attempted Break-in


Date & Time: 30 July 20h12

Location: Edward Avenue 

Details: An unknown number of suspect(s),  attempted to gaine access into the premises by breaking the burglar bar however the victim heard the bang and went outside to see what the noise was, causing the suspect(s) to leave in an unknown direction. 

CAP Client: No

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