Reporting period: 19 April - 25 April


Contact Crime


Date & Time: 20 April 19h45

Location: South Road

Details: At least three males, two armed with firearms, arrived in a white Subaru SUV and a black Mini Cooper, stopped at the robot. While the robot was red, three suspects debussed from the Subaru and approached the victims. Two suspects tapped on the window with a firearm and demanded that the victims get out. The suspects took various valuable items off of the victims and got into the victim’s vehicle. The suspects further left in the victim’s motor vehicle as well as the two suspect motor vehicles in an unconfirmed direction. 

CAP Client: No


Non-Contact Crime


Snatch n Grab


Date & Time: 23 April 15h48

Location: Centre Road

Details: Two males confirmed to have arrived in a Silver Toyota Etios Sedan. One suspect debussed and walked behind the victim who had finished jogging and snatched his cell phone. The victim gave chase to the suspect’s motor vehicle and fell down in front of oncoming traffic. Medi Response had been contacted and the victim was taken to hospital.

CAP Client: Yes