Reporting Period: 23 March - 29 March

Contact Crime

Home Invasion


Date & Time: 26 March 15h00

Location: Lyndhurst Road 

Details: One male, gained access into the property by jumping over the wall and further entered the house in an unknown manner. The suspect made contact with the victim by the bedroom, held her up, tied her up with shoelaces and demanded various valuables. The victim was able to untie herself, lock herself in the bathroom and then call CAP.The suspect then took various valuables and left by jumping into various properties. Upon the arrival of tactical officers, the suspect was apprehended, where the victim’s valuables were also recovered. Upon the arrival of Sandringham SAPS, the suspect was arrested.

CAP Client: Yes

Non-Contact Crimes



Date & Time: 24 March 23h20

Location: Johannesburg Road 

Details: One suspect approached the premises and gained access in an unknown manner, when seen by the victim, the victim shouted and the suspect further left in an unknown direction

CAP Client: Yes

Theft of a Motor Vehicle


Date & Time: 25 March 13h10

Location: Kernick Road corner Johannesburg Road 

Details: An unknown number of suspects stole the victims White Mercedes Benz  and further left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No

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