Reporting Period: 7 June - 13 June


Contact Crime


Armed Robbery Public


Date & Time: 10 June 16h47

Location: Oxford Road

Details: Two males, confirmed to be armed with firearms, confirmed to have arrived on foot and approached the victim as he was walking down the street. The suspects then held the victim up, before stealing his firearm and further leaving the scene on Oxford road towards Main Avenue. The victim further recovered his firearm in which a shootout then ensured between the victim and the suspects. The suspects further left the scene, in which one suspect was further arrested by JMPD and his firearm was recovered. The second suspect further left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No

Non-Contact Crimes

Attempted Vehicle Theft


Date & Time: 09 June 12h09

Location: North Avenue

Details: Three males confirmed to have balaclavas on, arrived in a blue Ford Fiesta. The suspects attempted to steal the victim’s white Bakkie that was parked outside the premises. The suspects were then interrupted by the guard on site and the suspects further left in the suspect’s motor vehicle in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No



Date & Time: 13 June 03h40

Location: 5th Avenue

Details: An unknown number of suspects gained access into the property by potentially jumping over the wall of a neighbouring premises and further forced open a side door to the house. The suspects ransacked the victim’s dressing room and stole a mobile phone from the bedside table before leaving in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No