Reporting Period:29 June - 5 July

Contact Crime

Attempted Contact Crime


Date & Time: 05 July 04h00

Location: 12th Avenue 

Details: The clients’ gardener saw two males, one confirmed to be armed with a firearm arrive at the location in a vehicle with an unknown description. The suspects then proceeded to forcefully open the complex gate, the gardener made a commotion and then heard the gun being cocked. The suspects further left in the same manner in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No


Non-Contact Crimes

Snatch n Grab


Date & Time: 02 July 05h18

Location: Houghton Drive corner Central Street 

Details: Two males arrived in a Silver VW Polo sedan and approached the victim as she was walking in the street. One suspect debussed the vehicle and proceeded to steal valuables from the victim which caused an altercation. The witness then got involved and proceeded to shout at the suspects and walked over to them to confront them. The suspects got back into their vehicle and proceeded to knock the witness down as he was approaching them, causing minor scratches to his arms and midsection. The suspects further left going in an unknown direction.

CAP Client:Yes

Robbery Public


Date & Time: 04 July 14h17

Location: 4th Street 

Details: One male debussed from a white Toyota Corolla and approached the victim and assaulted him and then took his cellphone. The suspect then fled in the same manner and in the direction of Johannesburg CBD

CAP Client: Unknown

Tampering of Physical Security


Date & Time: 05 July 03h00

Location: 10th Avenue 

Details: One male forced the CCTV cameras to face the ground and further attempted to gain access to the property by forcing the front gate open. The attempt was unsuccessful and the suspect left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes

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