Reporting Period: 9 May - 15 May


Non-Contact Crimes



Date & Time: 09 May 13h39

Location: 11th Avenue

Details: An unknown number of suspects gained access to the property by jumping over the main gate, tried to force access into the house through a security gate, and one of the windows, but were unsuccessful. The suspects then went to the front door, forced open the security gate but were interrupted, used stepladders to leave the property and left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes



Date & Time: 15 May 09h54

Location: 10th Avenue

Details: One male gained access by jumping over the gate, was seen by the witness who reported the incident. Tactical Officers were dispatched to the scene, on arrival they located the suspect whereby he was apprehended. The SAPS arrived on scene and arrested the suspect.

CAP Client: No