Reporting Period: 11 November - 17 November

Contact Crime

Home Invasion


Date & Time: 18 November 06h00

Location: Ambledown Road

Details: Four males, one confirmed to be armed with a firearm, entered the property via the garage that was left open. The suspects made contact with the victims, held them up, pistol whipped the owner and further tied up the victims. The suspects took various valuables and then left in the victim's Grey Honda Jazz in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes

Non-Contact Crimes


Tampering of Physical Security


Date & Time: 12 November 23h00 - 07h30

Location: Viljoen Street

Details: An unknown number of suspects tampered with the electric fence by possibly using a bottle to loosen the wire of the electric fence, suspects then left in an unknown manner in an unknown direction. 

CAP Client: No



Date & Time: 13 November 14h20

Location: Cecillia Road

Details: One male arrived on foot and gained entry into the premises in an unknown manner and further forced entry into the garage through a window, suspect stole various valuables and fled in the direction of Ridge road.

CAP Client: No



Date & Time: 17 November 04h00

Location: 2nd Avenue

Details: One male cut the electric fence to gain entry onto the premises and then gained entry into the cottage via an open window. The victim woke up and saw the suspect standing by his bed holding a torch. The suspect then threatened the victim that he would kill him if he did anything. Bank cards and a cellphone were stolen and then the suspect left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes

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