Reporting Period: 12 July - 18 July


Non-Contact Crimes



Date & Time: 12 July 04h28

Location: York Avenue

Details: One male arrived on foot and gained access to the victim's property. The suspect was seen trespassing on camera footage and was interrupted by the victim. Nothing was taken and the suspect then jumped out of the property and left on foot along York Avenue towards Delta Park.

CAP Client: Yes



Date & Time: 16 July 00h00 - 07h00

Location: Hamilton Avenue

Details: An unknown number of suspects gained access to the victim’s property through the kitchen window at the back of the property. The suspects took various valuable items from the lounge and exited the house. The suspects then forced open a window to the business on the property, belonging to the victim. According to the caller this was possibly done to assess whether or not there were any other valuable items to take, however nothing further was taken. The suspects then exited the property and left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No