Reporting Period: 18 May - 24 May

Non-Contact Crimes



Date & Time: 18 May 15h30

Location: Rothesay Avenue 

Details: One male, arrived in a red vehicle and exited the vehicle, approached the victim. The suspect distracted her by saying he needs assistance with something and that he needed to see the victim’s phone, which she gave it to him. The suspect then got back into the vehicle and left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No

Robbery Public


Date & Time: 21 May 16h56

Location: Richmond Avenue corner Hamilton Avenue

Details: Two males, arrived on foot, one suspect threw a stone at the victim, causing him to drop his bicycle. The suspect stole the bicycle and further left on Hamilton Avenue in the direction of 1st Avenue West.

CAP Client: Yes

Attempted Snatch n Grab


Date & Time: 23 May 14h02

Location: Lancaster Avenue corner Jan Smuts Avenue 

Details: At least one male, arrived in a black Citroen C2 and parked in the parking lot. The suspects parked next to the victim's new model Hyundai. One suspect debussed the vehicle and entered a nearby store. Upon the victim exiting his vehicle and entering the store, that same suspect was seen exiting and went straight to the victim's motor vehicle, opened the door and entered the vehicle. After a few minutes in the vehicle the suspect got back into the black Citroen c2 and left in an unconfirmed direction.

CAP Client: No

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