Reporting Period: 12 July - 18 July


Contact Crimes



Date & Time: 12 July 15h05

Location: Homestead Road

Details: Two to four males, three appearing to be armed with firearms, arrived in a red Kia Picanto and stopped next to the victim’s silver Mazda. The suspects debussed from the vehicle and approached the victim who was standing next to her vehicle, pointed their firearms at her and demanded the keys to her vehicle. Upon the victim giving them the keys they left in the victim’s vehicle and the suspect motor vehicle towards Louis Botha Avenue.

CAP Client: No

Armed Robbery Public


Date & Time: 15 July 18h25

Location: High Road

Details: Three males, one armed with a firearm, arrived in a Grey Opel Corsa. Two suspects approached the victims who were standing outside the premises. The suspects then demanded the victim’s handbag. The suspects took the handbag and then left in the suspect motor vehicle in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No

Armed Robbery Public


Date & Time: 16 July 18h09

Location: Glen Road

Details: Three males, one confirmed to be armed with a firearm, arrived in a silver Mazda Hatchback and approached the victim. One suspect debussed from the vehicle, pointed the firearm at the victim and demanded his valuables. The suspects stole the victim’s Huawei cell phone and motorbike keys and further left in the direction of Homestead.

CAP Client: No

Non-Contact Crime



Date & Time: 16 July Unknown

Location: Linden Road

Details: One female arrived on foot and jumped over the wall. The suspect then climbed a ladder into a tree and further hung herself.

CAP Client: No