Reporting Period: January 2021

Non-Contact Crimes




Date & Time: 4-5 January 21H00 -18H50

Location: Escombe Road

Details: An unknown amount of suspects gained access to the house by forcing the doors open. The suspects stole various valuables and left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes



Date & Time: 11 January 9:54

Location: Pallinghurst Road

Details: One male jumped over the wall to gain access to the property and the suspect then stole various items and left. 

CAP Client: No



Date & Time: 4-5 January 21H00 -18H50

Location: The Valley Road

Details:One males jumped over the wall and approached the garage, the suspect then forced open the garage and stole a bicycle, the suspect then left in an unknown direction, the bicycle was later found by a security guard along the street

CAP Client:Yes

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