Reporting Period: 25 April - 1 May

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Contact Crimes

Home Invasion


Date & Time: 26 April 15h40

Location: Alma Road

Details: Three males, two armed with firearms, arrived in a vehicle and gained access to the property by forcing open the pedestrian gate. A staff member saw the suspects and activated the alarm, which is linked to another security provider. The suspects further forced entry into the house and stole various items before leaving in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No

Attempted Contact Crime


Date & Time: 29 April 15h00

Location: Ratcliff Drive

Details: Five males armed with crowbars, arrived in a white Hyundai H1 and entered the victim’s yard through the gate that had been open while a staff member was working on it. The suspects approached the staff member, but they were interrupted by an unknown source causing them to leave in the suspect vehicle towards Ridgeway Drive.

CAP Client: No

Non-Contact Crime



Date & Time: 28 April 09h30 - 17h00

Location: Murray Avenue

Details: An unknown number of suspects approached the victim’s property, stole the wall lights and left in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: Yes