How does it work?

1.Trigger detected


A trigger, such as a loitering person or vehicle, an open gate, or intrusion over a wall is detected by smart technology.

4. Unit is dispatched


A CAP Tactical Unit (or one of CAP’s partner responder networks) is dispatched to investigate if needed.

2. Threat evaluation


An experienced CAP controller in CAP’s world-class Command Centre evaluates the threat.

5. Feedback is sent


Feedback is provided to the client, along with relevant images.

3. Mobile notification


The resident or another responsible person is alerted via a mobile messaging platform.

6. Data is collected


The footage and metadata is stored securely to allow for management, reporting and investigation.



Our network

CAP’s network has been structured to be reliable and resilient, with multiple redundancies and more than 98% uptime across our monitored devices.



CCTV cameras onsite are connected via an existing or dedicated FTTH connection to the internet, with an onsite server if required.


Workstation within CAP’s Command Centre receives alerts from sites, at which time controllers view clear images and take action.

Analytics are processed in the cloud, and images are stored in CAP’s secure, redundant VMS, which is hosted via a Tier 3+ data centre.



Introducing Milestone VMS

The global leader in video management platforms. CAP deploys an enterprise-grade instance of Milestone to ensure reliability and data security. 


Smartguard clients have insight into their systems, with mobile and PC access to camera views and alerts if they wish.

Web app live

Live view

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Live view

Live view

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CAP utilises AgentVi Innovi – the leading AI video analysis platform for monitoring centre applications. This means, in simple terms, that we don’t miss alerts, since we set accurate rules, and our controllers are not inundated with nuisance signals thanks to the system’s intelligence and accuracy.

Innovi rules set-up

Live view

innoVi Rules Setup - Copy.jpg

CAP deploys network monitoring software to continually monitor every device on our network. This means that if devices fail, we know quickly, and are able to have our teams rectify the situation.

Network Management Platform - Copy.PNG

CAP’s Smartguard solution marries cutting-edge technology
and exceptional service.

TT – Melrose resident