Houghton CAP (HCAP) changes Service Provider and announces service improvements

As a valued contributor to HCAP, you are no doubt aware of CAP’s importance in our suburb. Thanks to its operational excellence, organisational structure and focus on intelligence, CAP remains a premier security initiative, with a non-profit structure solely aimed at keeping us safe.


Since 2007 HCAP has operated in the Lower Houghton area using the CAP control room and contracting Cortac to provide security services. Additionally, Cortac has made armed response available to HCAP residents using the HCAP vehicles.


The HCAP Committee has recently agreed to shift the provision of all services to CAP’s central team. This decision follows most other CAP suburbs, and is aimed to improve the safety of the Lower Houghton area. The change will bring about the following improvements over the next few months:


  • Installation of CCTV and License Plate Recognition cameras in the area, linked to CAP’s network of several hundred cameras;

  • A refocus on improving leadership and training, and a further consolidated approach to intelligence;

  • CAP at Home armed response operated through the CAP control room;

  • Access to 11 backup vehicles from adjacent areas;

  • A dedicated fundraising effort to increase financial participation from all residents and businesses;

  • Additional resources being dedicated to the area as funding increases;

  • A CAP Panic App to allow residents to summon assistance to their location using GPS technology;

  • CAP is able to offer additional services, such as Smart Guard CCTV monitoring, as well as a full suite of technical and bespoke protection services, all to exceptionally high levels of operational integrity.


This change will also mean that the HCAP vehicles will no longer be available to Cortac in respect of their armed response services.


In addition, please note the following:-


  • All proactive contributions to the HCAP initiative will remain as is, collected by HCAP for the sole benefit of the community.

  • Please update your details by email hcap@capgroup.org.za to ensure that we have your latest information.

  • We recommend that armed response be moved to CAP at Home. Please contact CAP on hcap@capgroup.org.za or on our dedicated number 071 332 4330 to arrange to complete paperwork – this is a simple process and no extra charges will apply. Remember, only CAP at Home will be able to implement armed response services using HCAP vehicles in future.




HCAP extends its gratitude to Cortac management for its services over the past decade, and looks forward to working together with Cortac to ensure a smooth transition.


Please feel free to contact Jaydene Katz on 071 332 4330 or hcap@capgroup.org.za should you have any queries.


The HCAP Committee

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0860 332 332

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