CAP differs significantly from other security solutions in that a fundamental facet to CAP’s crime fighting solution is community involvement. CAP calls for its community members to take an in-depth interest in the success and efficiency in the eradication of crime in its suburbs.


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Service Providers

CAP outsource the boots on the ground through service providers whom have been accredited according to CAP’s strict accreditation criteria, and are contracted to CAP via one contract.


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Security Divisions

The Incident Command and Control Centre (ICCC) is the core of CAP’s unique offering and CAP’s continued success can be directly attributable to its management of the entire CAP solution. The ICCC collects information of criminal activity in one state-of-the-art central data repository system; ensur­ing the most informed strategic decisions are made to drive its security operations on the ground, including the deployment of its 40 tactical units. In this way, CAP ensures that all departments work in unison for the best possible outcome.

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