Frequently Asked Questions

What if I require a response while I am outside of a CAP area?


A controller will first contact you to confirm the reason for your emergency. If a response is required, we have an escalate functionality in our control room software that allows us to hand over to a partner control room that manages contracted third party responders in other areas. We will always do our best to ensure you get the help you need.

What does the Family Package include?


The Family Package includes up to 8 users who can use the app, provided they live or work at the same CAP at Home registered address.


If I am unhappy with the service, can I cancel immediately, and if so, what is the process?


If you are unhappy with the service, we respectfully request that you allow us the opportunity to resolve your issue before cancelling. Should you still not be happy and wish to cancel, you are welcome to complete the cancellation form on the website or send an email to

Is there a cancellation notice period?


Yes. The subscription to the CAP App can only be cancelled on 1 months' notice after CAP at Home has received a completed and signed CAP at Home cancellation form. 

What if my phone is stolen?


If your phone is stolen please contact CAP immediately so we can assist you and help you carry out the necessary procedures.  

​Is the app compatible with iOS and Android?


Yes, and the CAP app is only available on the South African app store.

What does the app require in order to run effectively?


You will need to allow your location settings to be visible. You will also need to have sufficient mobile data to run the app and you will need to have mobile reception.

Does this app replace my current panic buttons?


No, the app does not replace your existing mobile or fixed panic buttons. CAP urges residents to ensure that these panic buttons are regularly tested. Testing can be done by contacting our Command Centre on 0861 227 227, contacting our technical department on 0860 332 332 or sending us an email during office hours.

How does payment work?


Payment is done via debit order. Once you have registered and have been successfully verified, CAP will load a debit order on to your existing CAP at Home account, which will go off monthly.

Will I be able to register if I am not on debit order?


Yes. However, we do require you to have a debit order in place in order for the service to be active. Should you not have a debit order in place, kindly send us an email to and a consultant will be in contact to send you the necessary documentation to complete.

Can you track my location even when an alert is not activated?


No. CAP will not track users’ locations when they are not in a panic state.

Will the app run in the background or will I need to log in each time?


The app will run in the background as long as you don’t log out. Should you log out of the app it will prompt you to sign in before being able to use the app again.

How does CAP verify that they are speaking to the customer and not a criminal?


When an alert is received, a controller form the CAP Command Centre will contact you and ask for the reason the panic was pressed and for your password. If you give your password correctly to the Command Centre and assure us that you are safe, we will cancel the call-out. If you do not answer or if you give a false code, the closest tactical vehicle will continue on its way to you.