Be calm, not alarmed


CAP’s main purpose has always been to protect people and make communities safer. The COVID-19 pandemic will test our purpose – not only are we fighting off crime, now we’re doing everything in our power to fight off the spread of a virus. This is why we’ve put systems in place for each stage of this viral outbreak that will help flatten the curve and ensure we continue living our purpose – keeping you, your loved ones and our staff safe.  

Proactive, not reactive


CAP’s been tracking the spread and implications of COVID-19 for several weeks. We’ve created phased contingency plans and aggressive measures have been put in place. We recognise our importance as a source of safety for tens of thousands of people and we are committed to being sufficiently prepared to meet this threat.


The current measures in place may be escalated, depending on how the threat evolves. As it stands, we have implemented best-practice around hygiene procedures and social distancing at all organisational levels, which is being constantly monitored by CAP’s leadership in a hands-on manner.


In addition to the above, we have taken several extra steps to ensure we are able to continue operating under higher-level threats: 


Additional Control Room

We’ve activated a second, fully equipped control room and split control room shifts to protect our staff and communities.


Shift Change Protocols

We have re-engineered shift change procedures to ensure that groups do not come into contact with each other.


Communication with you

We have extended our auto-despatch functionality and linked our response units directly to our CAP App.

We’re giving every household one free membership access to the
CAP app
for the next 3 months. Ts&Cs apply.


Together we can beat this

What if you want to keep the App?


If you want to continue using the app and pay for it, please let us know before 1 July 2020.
If we don't hear from you we will remove you from the system.


If you would like to register more users there is a family package available. Please click here.

Who will get the SMS and free access?

All CAP at Home armed response main members have access to 3 free months – this means that if you are the primary contact person listed on your profile you will have access and receive the SMS.


How to get free 3 months' access?

We will be sending you an SMS with the download link within the next few days. Please be patient and wait for this SMS. The SMS is generated off a system that will send a specific link to each person. IMPORTANT - when you download and register on the app please ensure you enter your information as completely as possible to assist in a response.


This link will allow you to register your own profile.  If you do not get an SMS within 7 working days please email



What you can do

Over and above general hygiene practices, we encourage all residents to take preventative measures in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Notify us

Please let us know if your home is on quarantine so we can modify our protocols appropriately.



Your phone and laptop pretty much go with you everywhere and carry a lot of germs – keep these and any everyday devices as clean as you possibly can.



Give your panic buttons and remotes a good regular clean, as these devices are often used and often overlooked.



Set reminders for you, your family and staff members to wash your hands so you can limit the spread within your home or workplace.



While cleaning your security equipment, don’t forget to clean your keypads, intercom systems, door handles and light switches – we often have contact with these on a daily basis.

Cleaning instructions:

All the above items can be cleaned the same way you would clean other electronic products. Take a folded paper towel or cloth and saturate the surface with glass or multi-surface cleaner, or even hand sanitiser. Let it soak into the towel. Gently place the cloth over the keys and get the outward-facing surface of the keys wet without pressing down on them. Leave the keys to air dry.


Not a member? Don’t panic. Join CAP today and get a 3-month payment holiday 

Everyone has enough to worry about and safety should not cause extra panic. This is why we’re giving you the first 3 months free if you sign up and join CAP today. Ts&Cs apply.