Sandown Estate
Reporting Period: 28 February - 6 March

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Contact Crimes

Armed Robbery Business


Date & Time: 01 March 19h15

Location: Katherine Street corner Harris Street

Details: Four males armed with firearms, arrived in a suspect vehicle by the office park entrance, held up the security guard at gunpoint, and gained entry into the office park. The suspects then went to the entrance of a business, made contact with the security guard at the business, attempted to gain access into the business by claiming to be from a security company and they needed to conduct a security check. The security guard refused them access and they left in the suspect vehicle in an unknown direction.

CAP Client: No

Home Invasion


Date & Time: 03 March 19h37

Location: Clover Road

Details: Five unarmed suspects jumped over a wall into a property on Clover Road. The suspects entered the house through an open door and approached the victims. The house was ransacked and various items were stolen. During this time a staff member arrived home, noticed suspicious activity, and began to scream which resulted in the suspects leaving the property in an unknown direction.  

CAP Client: No