Sandown Estate
Reporting Period: 7 June - 13 June

Contact Crime

Armed Robbery Driveway


Date & Time: 10 June 12h45

Location: Etosha Crescent

Details: Four males armed with firearms, arrived in a white Ford Ecosport. Three suspects debussed the vehicle and approached the victim who was on the street. One suspect pointed a firearm at the victim’s head and the victim began to scream, which caused her son to come out the property to investigate. The suspects then approached the victim’s son, held him up and made him lie on the ground. The suspects attempted to force open the garage door, however were unsuccessful.  The suspects then took various valuables from the victims, however the victim’s family who were inside the property then began to throw bricks at the suspects, which caused them to leave in the suspect motor vehicle on Amalinda Street towards Katherine Street.

CAP Client: Yes